I was reminiscing about my travel experiences, resisting the urge to grow my travel senses further, as this only begets for more adventures. Still have a desire to travel amidst the pandemic while taking all the precautions.

The reality is that the new and undiscovered brings me a sense of different, unexpected, unrealized thoughts, hopes, but most importantly happiness.

There are plenty of fresh places to see, but when faced with the milestones that can be achieved versus the rich experiences that can be had, I will certainly have a hard time choosing. I want the best of desires, accomplishments and adventure. I need this simultaneously to avoid feeling idle.

I am sure there will be a time where I’ll slow down, but the more I continue, the need grows rather than diminish. So what drives me? Adventures? Travel? Accomplishments? Challenges? A combination of all?

Sailors are armed with stamina, alcohol, and erratic behavior. Exploring land & sea to tame the nomad inside of them to avoid insanity – Sean Abraham

The passenger cruise ship industry is a big family. There is no lack of positions to be filled in, once you are in the industry there is a yearning that attracts you to pursue the career. The ship staff and crew become part of your family, you see people leave as the end of their contract, or you are saying goodbye to your onboard family.

As the season passes your surroundings become more familiar. You confide in your onboard family to be there for you to get you through the long months at sea. A contract typically ranges from 6-8 months depending on the department you choose to work in.

Large passenger ships have rankings from Officers, Staff & Crew. All ships have the basic life-saving equipment and a layout that you become to understand and safety training becomes important as emergencies can arise at any moment, a rare occurrence but nonetheless a terrifying experience.

Ports of calls, food parties, movie gatherings, a reason to organize an event to keep the crew morale onboard. Also, libraries, learning centers, and crew bars are among some of the things that large passenger ship companies provide as a way to wind down.

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