I was reminiscing about my travel experiences, resisting the urge to grow my travel senses further, as this only begets for more adventures. Still have a desire to travel amidst the pandemic while taking all the precautions.

The reality is that the new and undiscovered brings me a sense of different, unexpected, unrealized thoughts, hopes, but most importantly happiness.

There are plenty of fresh places to see, but when faced with the milestones that can be achieved versus the rich experiences that can be had, I will certainly have a hard time choosing. I want the best of desires, accomplishments and adventure. I need this simultaneously to avoid feeling idle.

I am sure there will be a time where I’ll slow down, but the more I continue, the need grows rather than diminish. So what drives me? Adventures? Travel? Accomplishments? Challenges? A combination of all?

You have pushed forward today, the forces of your surroundings applaud you – Sean Abraham

Looking into the dreams you have for your life as far as relationships, income, travel, career, and material possessions.

Countless of lost souls trying to figure out their life purpose and have been given so many options that get overlooked. There are days we realize that the path we once chose is no longer the path we would like to continue on.

That leads to yet another change. Some dread the change so become complacent. Some fight their inner calling and follow a different path, to find that fulfilment that eventually will spark that satisfaction level in life. The point of happiness and self-worth.

We believe and make a goal to the next big thing like graduating from law school so that we can have a family, which having a family is the END GOAL and does necessarily require you to have a degree unless your goals in life are to become a lawyer and serve that purpose.

Some people have convinced themselves that pursuing a certain career path will get them closer to the END GOAL.

Experiences that contribute to the end goal can be things like people always talk about but never acted on it.

These can be;

  • Travelling until you are tired and want to go home for a bit.
  • Looking at that clear beach in the Bahamas for days, possibly with that special someone.
  • Taking amazing pictures of the world’s famous architectures.
  • Spending time with loved ones
  • Trying out real cuisine from Asia, Europe, and Mexico.
  • Getting lost in the Amazon just for the fun and adventure.
  • Explore the deep sea or jump from an airplane (just don’t do both on the same day)
  • Swim with the sharks, dolphins, stingrays so on.
  • Volunteer to your favourite cause; saving baby turtles
  • Cross country driving with your best friends
  • Getting married & holding your first baby
  • Making that move into the unknown because you crave change or love someone
  • Teaching in another country just because of the thought of the new experience abroad.

The above does look like a bucket list but can also be part of your journey in life with your list in mind if you clear the path for yourself with a defined goal with the end goal in mind.

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