I was reminiscing about my travel experiences, resisting the urge to grow my travel senses further, as this only begets for more adventures. Still have a desire to travel amidst the pandemic while taking all the precautions.

The reality is that the new and undiscovered brings me a sense of different, unexpected, unrealized thoughts, hopes, but most importantly happiness.

There are plenty of fresh places to see, but when faced with the milestones that can be achieved versus the rich experiences that can be had, I will certainly have a hard time choosing. I want the best of desires, accomplishments and adventure. I need this simultaneously to avoid feeling idle.

I am sure there will be a time where I’ll slow down, but the more I continue, the need grows rather than diminish. So what drives me? Adventures? Travel? Accomplishments? Challenges? A combination of all?

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Grammarly can help you improve your writing for the long term as well. Daily suggestions actually have helped me become a better writer and without its assistance, I think I would still be confused with some sentences that in my mind sound proper but make no sense to others.

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