The Feelings At Sea

The state of euphoria will last longer if you let your senses guide you – Sean Abraham

Feelings on-board the ship overlooking the sea on a calm day can captivate memories that yearn to be repeated. During the time overlooking at the sea, thoughts run through the mind creating reasons to stay in the middle of the ocean as long as possible without the possibility of becoming stale or tired of the views and sounds of the waves.

One sunny day after a productive day at work some crew go out into the open deck to contemplate at all the reasons they have chosen this profession. We can forget about anything that’s happened in the past and paves a way to continue the journey.

From port to port visiting the most interesting sights. We reminisce during our time away from the dark blue ocean and clear pristine waters that we visit. We forget that we didn’t get a day off, just some time off, erratic schedules depleting our energy, safety drills that seem like we just had one. Most of us feel the same grind as we make our way to the cabins to rest. As sleep is a commodity not many of us experience. We stay up and look for ways to squeeze in the time for a movie, a drink with a friend, a tea or a coffee with some special friends.

Nevertheless, the new friendships that we make, the new ports that we visit, the parties that we attend, the dinners that we have and the excursions that we take are all worth the hard work. There is definitely more reasons to come back for the most part than not. The reasons could be to work with a friend again, a boss that looks up and pats you in the back for absolutely no real reason other than what you are supposed to do because as they know that being away can be tough for some. Coming back for more adventure and sporadic events that keep the mind occupied with different scenarios.

Digesting all this and particularly creating memories that will last a lifetime and possibly outgrow you is worth the time wandering at sea.

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