A 3 Step Condensed eBook Publishing Guide

Finally, the time to accomplish writing this book was unexpected. Starting the book two months ago and then navigating the system to get it out took time. I will just write a few steps to get you started writing and hopefully getting your book published along with some sales.

The content is a condensed ebook publishing guide to getting you going. Maybe!

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1. Writing Your Content

Writing a book can be a challenge. If you will write a book soon, I suggest giving yourself a deadline. Once you have put your mind into finishing, then you will eventually have the drive to complete the book.

My goal was to finish before the end of December… I met that goal, and I did not fall short on that. I used a software called Scrivener that helped me keep track of how much of the book I had left to finish. It also helped me create the manuscript layout, disclaimer, about the author, title page, contents, and other details that without the software I would have missed.

The first time around or the first edition might have some setbacks, issues or overlooked aspects. That should not stop you from thinking too much and trying to make it perfect. Just write the manuscript and try to get to the finish line. The rest will fall in its place., all the resources are out there.

2. Publishing the eBook & Print Version

We can publish the book in the digital version and a print on demand version. The print on demand version doesn’t sell as many copies, but not having that option can also make you miss out on sales. Besides the print on demand is not expensive and has a higher tag price, which means better royalty payout.

Designing the cover you can use Upwork or 99designs. Either option is good and I would suggest exploring both options. The one I have used is Upwork as you can set your budget and most of the time stay within it. 99designs offers a guarantee that you will like it or your money back. You pay more for that kind of service but you get what you want.

Proofreading and editing your work. If you are unsure, this option is necessary for most writers. The reason I say that is that your book might not get published if they find errors while uploading your manuscript. To avoid proofreading errors, I use either Grammarly or ProWritingAid.

3. Marketing Your Book

There are plenty of ebooks out there and getting noticed is difficult. Look into doing promos and learn a few marketing skills. There are books and videos that can help you get your book to the right audience.

Also, you will need to have the right keywords to convert your visitors into buyers. I found Kindlepreneur to be helpful in understanding your options to market your book and guide you with new ideas.

There are plenty of eBook Publishing Guides. So if you have any thoughts or additions you can add them in the comment sections.

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