Goals in Reading & Writing For College

The goal is to concentrate and aim to achieve the best score personally attainable within the course. The article ”How To Set Goals that Don’t Make You Miserable” by Aytekin Tank (2019) will be used for gathering intellect. I will explain the goals to attain within the semester for the course in the following manner; To avoid celebrating until the course comes to a completion, clarifying the priorities, narrowing the focus, and maintaining momentum. 

To Avoid Celebrating Until the Course Comes to A Completion

During the time I take Reading & Writing Skills course, the dedication will be to accept the small victories and not celebrate them. I will celebrate the highest mark that one can achieve by the end of the semester. The reason to avoid celebrating each accomplishment is due to overexcitement, which will make one feel already accomplished and gather over confidence. This could have a negative effect on subsequent assignments. This will keep the motivation to strive to complete the semester in its totality. 

Clarifying the Priorities

            Keeping priorities within the course and fulfilling the course requirements by being proactive rather than reactive. These priorities will include meeting or exceeding deadlines, increasing the chances to review the assignments and possibly improving them to achieve better end results. 

Narrowing the Focus

            Focusing on the task by resisting distractions. The practice that has worked in the past has contributed to my success in certain aspects of my career. The tough times from my past job was not up to my interest level and kept me from performing. The decision to implement and research came to mind. During the time, I left a note in the pocket as a reminder to “focus” and that was the only word written in that note. The note when touched or read was a reminder to focus on one task at a time and block out any other distractions. 

Maintaining Momentum             

Maintaining a reasonable momentum can be the success in the course, which can help by ensuring time management and dedication to the subject. The reasonable time per week will be contingent on the final mark in the class. Keeping focus has managed miracles for me in the past and aiming to attain goals.

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