I was reminiscing about my travel experiences, resisting the urge to grow my travel senses further, as this only begets for more adventures. Still have a desire to travel amidst the pandemic while taking all the precautions.

The reality is that the new and undiscovered brings me a sense of different, unexpected, unrealized thoughts, hopes, but most importantly happiness.

There are plenty of fresh places to see, but when faced with the milestones that can be achieved versus the rich experiences that can be had, I will certainly have a hard time choosing. I want the best of desires, accomplishments and adventure. I need this simultaneously to avoid feeling idle.

I am sure there will be a time where I’ll slow down, but the more I continue, the need grows rather than diminish. So what drives me? Adventures? Travel? Accomplishments? Challenges? A combination of all?

The time has come to gather the ugly and burn them alive while they are screaming for mercy. The fire will pave the path and the screams will keep you in the right direction – Sean Abraham


The things you will need to have a successful application will be the basics. These include having a current passport with long validity. I would suggest more than one year at least.

Medical Certificate & Vaccinations

The majority of the cruise ship companies will want you to have vaccinations like Yellow Fever, Varicella, and Measles Mumps Rubella aka MMRII. Also, fit for service with or without restrictions, medical certificate, depending on the flagship that you will be joining which will consist of blood work, chest X-ray, vision, hearing, color vision, STDs, and possibly other things that may be required. The types of medical I have done are the Norwegian Maritime Authority, ENG1 in Canada & Mexico, and Transport Canada.


Medicals are extremely strict, with more people failing each week. To ensure this doesn’t happen, please consider the three main areas where candidates fail:

1.            DRUG TEST. If you believe there is a remote chance you may have any illegal drugs in your system, please wait until there would not be traceable before booking your medical. If you are on any prescription drugs, please speak with the physician first to discuss ingredients and what my show up.

2.            BMI- Body Mass Index. BMI must be 30 or lower to work onboard a cruise ship. To test your own BMI before getting your medical, please refer to If your BMI is above 30 you will fail your medical, so you may want to lower your BMI before getting your medical done.

3.            ANTI-DEPRESSANTS. If you are currently on anti-depressants, you will also fail your medical. If you and your doctor believe you are safe to go off these meds, you will need to do so prior to obtaining your medical.

Criminal Background Check

A criminal background check is required to join a foreign going vessel as you will be travelling to different countries.

Required Visas

Depending on the itinerary you will need to apply for a C1/D visa with the US Embassy in your country of residence. Optionally other visas must be obtained to join in different itineraries.  (appointed partner agencies might be able to assist you with the application process)

If you are Canadian or USA nationality you will get your C1/D stamped at the exit airport by a Customs Officer.

If you are travelling to Australia by vessel you will need to apply for the Maritime Crew Visa (MCV) which has a validity of 3 years. If you are flying to Australia directly and then joining you will need the Electronic Travel Authority Visa (eTA) which has a validity of one year.

Seaman’s Book or Discharge Book

Every country has its respective discharge book and can be obtained with proof of a letter that you will be joining a vessel and require the book. The book is a record of your time at sea. This is also required to debark the ship in certain countries that you visit. Also, some airlines will consider luggage allowance for seafarers holding a seafarer flight ticket.

Airline Tickets & Hotels

The company is usually in charge of issuing airline tickets to the ship you will be joining. Some will not pay the first flight out due to high turnover or no shows. Once you have completed your first contract the flights will be covered both ways. Hotel costs will be covered by the company depending on how many nights they need you to wait. Usually one night or depending on how far you have travelled you may possibly just join directly instead.

Safety Certificates

You will need to obtain the following safety certificates: Basic Training, Crisis Management & Human Behaviour, Crowd Management Training and Proficiency in Security Awareness.

You will need to get these certificates through Independent IMO approved facilities (appointed partner agencies might be able to assist you with the process)

Letter Of Employment (LOE)

The company will give you a letter of employment that you may be required to present at the airport. This paper is pretty important as the border usually likes to ask for this.

Lastly – Bon Voyage

The company that you join usually will give you most of the above information in order for you to bring all the documents. If you do forget a certificate you may be on the hook to go back home and retrieve this in order to join as some of these are required to sail as a crew member.

Apply through these websites Cast-A-WayCruise Job Fair – yaCrew and possibly land an offer for a cruise job depending on what you like to do. If you have a musical talent you can apply through Landau Music.

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The journey spurred through land, sea, and air are captivating decades of memories – Sean Abraham

Total disregard for a mediocre career. The notion to land travel jobs and commit to ever-changing contracts has been a series of my past 7 years of my life.

1. Optimizing Current Situation Matters

The job you choose will determine the amount of travel you can do in a given year. Some may have read the book 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss and understand that remote work can be a path to long term freedom to travel. Reading the book can give you the knowledge that can change the way of thinking will help start a pattern geared towards attaining the desire to be rich in time.

2. Earning Abroad Through Work

Options to attain work abroad can be daunting but if you do your homework and finish the assignment completely through navigating the hurdles of relocation the options are limitless. The option you may choose may even improve your current situation. Some may move to a slower-paced life to avoid the stresses of life and some may move to the bustling city life to tame the need for a fast-paced life. The third option could be something in between to get the best of both worlds.

3. Networking

The majority of people feel more confident when they know that there is a support system that can support your travels or relocation needs. Such groups can be great either through paid organizations or joining a network through social media. The outcome may be a bit slower but once the process is started the trend can continue as many professionals choose to relocate from country to country where the work is in demand.

4. Friends & Family

Connecting through friends and family might be the easiest way of supporting your travel and relocation. This option is widely used for many variations. They can help you navigate the new place. Assist in finding a place to stay, work and possibly help each other. Friends and family provide versatility and help you dawdle into finding your way to your new-found home.

5. Travel Jobs

Take on a travel job without having to relocate. These jobs can be lucrative if the right amount of research gets placed. As many young individuals may have applied to be flight attendants, seafarers, TEFL teachers, Scuba Diving Instructors, and other tourism and adventure-related occupations. These can be great with some previous background in tourism or just the right amount of research.

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The state of euphoria will last longer if you let your senses guide you – Sean Abraham

Feelings on-board the ship overlooking the sea on a calm day can captivate memories that yearn to be repeated. During the time overlooking at the sea, thoughts run through the mind creating reasons to stay in the middle of the ocean as long as possible without the possibility of becoming stale or tired of the views and sounds of the waves.

One sunny day after a productive day at work some crew go out into the open deck to contemplate at all the reasons they have chosen this profession. We can forget about anything that’s happened in the past and paves a way to continue the journey.

From port to port visiting the most interesting sights. We reminisce during our time away from the dark blue ocean and clear pristine waters that we visit. We forget that we didn’t get a day off, just some time off, erratic schedules depleting our energy, safety drills that seem like we just had one. Most of us feel the same grind as we make our way to the cabins to rest. As sleep is a commodity not many of us experience. We stay up and look for ways to squeeze in the time for a movie, a drink with a friend, a tea or a coffee with some special friends.

Nevertheless, the new friendships that we make, the new ports that we visit, the parties that we attend, the dinners that we have and the excursions that we take are all worth the hard work. There is definitely more reasons to come back for the most part than not. The reasons could be to work with a friend again, a boss that looks up and pats you in the back for absolutely no real reason other than what you are supposed to do because as they know that being away can be tough for some. Coming back for more adventure and sporadic events that keep the mind occupied with different scenarios.

Digesting all this and particularly creating memories that will last a lifetime and possibly outgrow you is worth the time wandering at sea.

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Sailors are armed with stamina, alcohol, and erratic behavior. Exploring land & sea to tame the nomad inside of them to avoid insanity – Sean Abraham

The passenger cruise ship industry is a big family. There is no lack of positions to be filled in, once you are in the industry there is a yearning that attracts you to pursue the career. The ship staff and crew become part of your family, you see people leave as the end of their contract, or you are saying goodbye to your onboard family.

As the season passes your surroundings become more familiar. You confide in your onboard family to be there for you to get you through the long months at sea. A contract typically ranges from 6-8 months depending on the department you choose to work in.

Large passenger ships have rankings from Officers, Staff & Crew. All ships have the basic life-saving equipment and a layout that you become to understand and safety training becomes important as emergencies can arise at any moment, a rare occurrence but nonetheless a terrifying experience.

Ports of calls, food parties, movie gatherings, a reason to organize an event to keep the crew morale onboard. Also, libraries, learning centers, and crew bars are among some of the things that large passenger ship companies provide as a way to wind down.

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