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A little about me because you want to know the story behind the man in the picture.



Sean Abraham - Condensed Life Story

My name is Sean Abraham, and I started my journey in Barcelona, Spain. The place gave me roots that have shaped my upbringing. During my time there, I evolved through childhood up until the age of 14. During that time, I made friends who I can still keep in touch from time to time. The sad part was that I left but soon to realize the opportunities ahead.

The move took me to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where I completed my studies and moved on to owning a franchised business. The journey shaped me to be a competent business owner and placed me through trying times, which were all upheld and overcame them all.


Sean Abraham - Workforce Journey

Next, my journey took me into Private Investigation, Protection Officer, Hotel General Manager, Screening Officer, and Sales Director. One can say I was trying many variations.

Continuing along, I started working onboard the cruise ship industry, taking me through journeys around the world. Until this point in my life, I am still enjoying the luxuries of traveling aboard passenger cruise lines.

All in all, I have made my choices in which I learned and trudged on to make my other memories jealous and continuing to do the same.


Sean Abraham - A Little More About Me!

Life was unique in Barcelona as my parents neither owned or drove a vehicle to travel within the city. Transportation was so abundant it did not require us to acquire such expensive liabilities indulging in our lifestyle.


Sean Abraham - School Adventures

School or grade one was about 2 minutes walking distance from our place of residence. The first day was not as I imagined, meaning my mother left me with some unknown people to take my first steps into independence or let’s say locked away into the education world without my permission. As the school progressed, I found meaningful relationships with whom I preferred to have — a few close friends who defined my lifestyle and character.

I became actively involved in soccer for the recreational part, from there came distractions for most of my in-between breaks from school. Also, my persuasion to go to school and maybe learn something. I encountered many challenges and limiting beliefs that stopped me from learning, growing, and caring. These came up from critics who loved to set me apart and drown me in their perspective by acknowledging the difference in skin color, values, responses to certain methods of approaching specific situations or questions, etc.


Sean Abraham - Moving To Canada!!!

At the age of 14, on November 25, 2000, I arrived at a country known as Canada in the province of Ontario and landed in Toronto Pearson Airport. I was expecting a different country in which I would make my presence known even though I had been socially discouraged from the same circle of community for seven years in my home country. As I was placed in a High School, I started in grade nine as my age. The school named Woodbine Junior High School put me in a class called ESL (English as a Second Language), where I had to learn some English since I could not start a sentence with a human being. Soon, I started to gain knowledge through TV, friends, teachers, and other sources of exposed media that I could encounter. Within three months, I could start conversations with an immigrant accent. The more I talked, the more I was discouraged due to my lack of knowledge in the language.


Sean Abraham - High School Adventures

I moved on to grade 10 at George Vanier Secondary School, where I was able to find more mature and encouraging friends that helped me excel through my distinct way of communicating with them. Then my parents, as life long entrepreneurs, moved to Mount Forest for business purposes, where I finished grade 11 with multiple hardships and encounters with high school students who did not appreciate the new kid. Through that experience, I had learned to overcome critics to a certain extent and move on from the effects of negative talk.

I graduated High School from the Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute, where I found some of my best friends and learned so much than just school-related topics. I learned how to get along with others and have meaningful relationships, but back then, and until now, I have been learning how to nurture them and keep them long term. I was taught to have short term thinking and never to avoid confrontation, and through these experiences, I have lost a good friend.


Sean Abraham - Work Adventures

During the summer, I had joined the workforce called Tim Hortons for JUST the summer. After that, I became a student at CDI College in London for Police Foundations. Then I worked for IRMC (IntelliRisk Management Corporation) for about seven long and painful months.

Then I applied to go to the Canadian Forces and got accepted to go to Basic Training. Exactly 20 days before my departure, I came across an offer to be involved in franchising a restaurant named Pizza Pizza in Woodstock. I came across my parents’ dreams to become an entrepreneur with no ambition to be one. This journey started on July 16, 2007, and through the years, I became extremely motivated to advance and become a better business owner. From the involvement, I became dependent but lost all understanding of patience, family values, outside involvement, it had been like I was living in the world. Still, one specific location and place defined my entire understanding of the outside. I was a slave of the very own corporation I bought in. I became frustrated, lost, hopeless, and brainstorming ways out because the thought of responsibility was overwhelming. I became null to the rules and of the environment, I chose to be in.


Sean Abraham - Finding Mentors In LIFE

August 24, 2010, I was introduced to a few influential people that awakened the hidden motivation to do better, and from then on, I have not stopped learning something new at least every day. Indulging myself in new knowledge that helps me grow personally. I have learned that the dash between 1986-present is the most important to make a difference. Life has so much to offer in terms of; there is so much to learn and grow. There is a burden inside of me that will release the truth in its due time.


Sean Abraham - Manifesto!

I swear I will enjoy, love, live, and create lasting envious memories. I will not regret, and I will not bow to the slavery of any kind. I will enjoy the freedom and opportunities given to me by money, animals, fellow friends, and nature.

I will destroy traces of sadness and negativity in my life even if it means to ignore the very people I love. Life is both long and short; do not waste it on others who will not align with your views.

Use human psychology to create lasting relationships with lovers, friends, and enemies.

Differentiate by pondering the good things in life and choose wisely. Discard, empty your brain from useless information, release the inner imagination to create a mindless behavior.

Life Expectancy Completed

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